Heels at the gym. Because why not?

High heel mules

While hanging out, I mean, working out at the gym, a young lady (mid twenties?) caught my eye. She looked fit, some might even say ripped, and I’ll admit, attractive. But that was not the reason. I actually had to do a double take, because I at first I didn’t believe my eyes, but sure enough, she was wearing mules. High heel mules. At the gym.

It was a funny sight. Not “ha ha ha” funny per se, but more in the sense that it seemed completely out of place. I have never ever before seen someone on heels at the gym, actually working out. It raised so many questions, but hey, you don’t go walking up to someone at the gym questioning their choice of footwear. Well, I’m not entirely across the ‘gym etiquette’, but it seems kinda obvious you don’t. So I didn’t.

I’ve seen her a few more times at the gym, even more ripped (it’s obvious her workouts are better than mine.) Never again did she wear those mules, though, or any for that matter. It should be the end of it, but somehow, it bugs me ever so slightly.

Will I see her wearing mules again at some point, thus establishing a pattern? Or was this really a one off? Did she wear them because of the benefit of reaching a bit higher? Did she forget her gym shoes and decided she didn’t want to walk around barefoot? Both perfectly good reasons indeed.

Or should I just let it go, and let her be her own person, wearing whatever the fuck she wants whenever the fucks she wants it? Yeah, that sounds reasonable enough. It’s absolutely none of my business.

Who am I to judge, right?