One size down…


Since mid-December, I’ve been going to the gym, on average between 2.5 and 3 times a week. I do some cardio on the cross-trainer, and some weights. Nothing fancy, but I go.

And I’m slowly seeing results. I’m losing fat in favour of muscle. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, some 2-3 kgs perhaps, but since muscle is heavier than fat, I don’t think I should have lost more. More importantly, I’ve become slimmer. *

I have proof, since I once again fit in my size 35 jeans. Sure, it’s snug, but it’s not uncomfortable and it looks better than those baggy size 36s…

I welcome the change. As if I needed any more motivation. ?

* It turns out, it’s actually almost 6 kgs. So I probably lost more body fat than I thought, in addition to building up muscle tissue. Yay! (Updated 21 April 2019.)

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